Warm Welcome!

Just a blonde Northerner appreciating the perks of our planet…

Thank you reader for visiting my blog! First of all, a little bit about me…

Starting a travel blog has been a dream of mine for a while now, however it occurred to me that not many would be interested in reading travel stories from a tea-obsessed blondie from the North of England – so if you are reading this, that’s my first success!

For the past two years, I have been working abroad in Munich. Being based in Bavaria has allowed me to travel with ease and see so much more of the world. I am by no means rolling in money, but there are so many beautiful places across the globe that can be explored on a budget!

That’s the aim of my blog; I want to share with you my travel experiences: favourite cities, best landscapes and tips for travelling on a budget. Of course, being someone who has completely bought into the cafe culture hype of the modern world, I will share some of my favourite cafes and other hidden gems: everyone loves a city secret!

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and it helps in the planning of any future travels 🙂

K x